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Dev. Diary 55: New main page ( project

  • _james
  • 2021-06-11

Due to vacation we had less communication in recent weeks, but it's finally time for next Developer Diary!
This time we would like to present you our projects about the new Sokker main page =

You can find our projects trough the link below:

Sorry for so much Polish text, it was easier for our designer you use native language - of course we will introduce new pages in English, and then linguists will translate them locally.

What is important on presented projects:
1. New main page is quite simple and oriented towards new users - main goal is to introduce the game to beginners and motivate them to register;
2. Registration process is much simpler than it was, and combined with automatic team assignment it will reduce time to create a new team to a minimum;
3. Login page is also simple and embedded into the new design;
4. You can also check how will the main page look on mobile devices.

Hopefully, the new main page will be implemented till the end of the current season.

Forest Resurrecteds
The Chronic
2021-01-17 22:13
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Azi esti jos, maine esti sus...
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After so many times we are here
The Poseidon's Team
2020-08-03 19:47
We are here again to gain so fun like old times and see news about game that made us so happy. But for now, especially for our team it's new starting and reaching to top side will be taken time....
Dev. Diary 54: Overview page: bug fixing & features

  • _james
  • 2021-05-22

Last two weeks we were mainly focused on bug fixing for the Overview page. Most issues seem to be solved, others should be fixed in the upcoming days.
From today we will start with local translations for your native languages, and probably in the upcoming week it should be introduced.

We decided to develop some small features based on the current data displayed in the overview page:
1. Club summary contains current data of your team, we will compare it to the last season's results to make you able to easily asses your team's progress;
2. Same thing will be done with the finance widget, there will be an option to check last year's overall results;
3. We are also developing an option to check competitions other than the "short" league table - national cup (or other cups) will be included in that widget too.

Other important changes:
1. Transfer auto refreshing - probably you noticed that transfers near the end (2 minutes) are auto-refreshed every 4 seconds;
2. Registration page - we decided to make it simpler, we have reduced the number of fields required to register a new team, hopefully it will help us to get more users in the future.

If you still notice any bugs about the Overview please report it on bugs forum.
One of our programmers will continue Overview page development, but the rest of the team moves on to next few challenges: training reports, welcome page and registration process, and match viewer intro.

Dev. Diary 53: Overview page published!

  • _james
  • 2021-05-07

Well, finally!

We are happy to announce that the first completely new subpage, the Overview page, is published :)
For now it's a BETA version, probably we will find some bugs that need to be fixed, but it's ready and can be used by managers.
You can find it here:

Link to the Overview page will soon appear on the left side menu. After all bugs are fixed and language translations made we will set Overview page as the new default page after login.

It's a really BIG STEP forward for the development team. Crucial things are:
1. It's the first page of the new Sokker design (developed from the scratch);
2. During development we prepared design styles and code frame that will allow us to work much faster on other subpages;
3. New page is also better suited for beginners, and notifications (guidelines) presented in overview will help to make any key decision-making easier;
4. New design is much better suited for mobile devices than the old site was.

There are two important widgets that are missing (presented in previous DD regarding the Overview), which will be developed soon:
1. Transfers overview;
2. Weekly timeline.

Dev. Diary 52: Few new features

  • _james
  • 2021-05-03

Feature No. 1
We have finally introduced new player portraits. There are still few small things to be fixed with them, but overall we are pleased with the final effect.

We will keep improving it:
1. Link hair color with beard (with small chance of different colors);
2. Link match kits with current club colors (and hopefully in the future with kits design, as stripes, etc.);
3. Too high chance for beard (most players have it now);
4. Lack of bald players.
We will also constantly expand portrait data base with new illustrations.

Feature No. 2
Transfer auto-refreshing - last few days we tested auto-refreshing on player bidding with few chosen clubs - seems that the feature worked well and we will introduce it this week for all of you. Mechanism is simple, when bidding is close to the end (2 minutes) bidding window will refresh automatically every 4 seconds, with no need to refresh the page.

Overview page - we found few bugs during our tests, but it seems that new page will be introduced this week as beta version.

Dev. Diary 51: Finance tab - final project

  • _james
  • 2021-04-24

Short update this weekend!

We are pleased to share with you another page that is almost ready for development: the new Finance tab.
It was presented few weeks ago as a UX project. Since then the project was finished by our graphic designer.

Please check the new Finances tab here:

At the same time we are getting ready to publish the Overview page (yes, we know it's taking much more time than we announced). But the good news is that the Overview page is finally introduced for testing at the test server, so we are really close to introduce it in the game (hopefully, next week).

Dev. Diary 50: Training reports

  • _james
  • 2021-04-16

The Overview tab development is almost finished, so very soon you can expect its deployment. A little reminder how it looks:
Mobile vertically
Mobile horizontally

Now we're starting our works on further subpages, which will be changed, and these are connected with training.

This is a priority because of few reasons:
1. As soon as possible we'd like to ensure in SK professional reports, because we believe that monitoring progress of players should be simple from the game level, without necessity to use any external programs.
2. Good training reports are also a basis to implement a new training system - this will help to control progress of players in prepared system.

We're working to prepare few tabs, you can see the details below:
1. Training reports tab (all reports)
2. View for particular - selected report
3. List of detailed training progress of all team
4. History of progress for a selected player
5. View of the graph for training of a selected player

Dev. Diary 49: Updated 3D Viewer

  • _james
  • 2021-04-02

Few important announcements with the start of April.

We have finally fixed bugs reported for the 3D viewer, now you can use the new version, which seems to work much better. However, some bugs still may occur; please report them on Bugs forum.

List of main improvements:
1. Proper substitutions' names;
2. Stadium displays correctly (there were some parts missing sometimes);
3. Weather conditions fixed (in most of the games there were visuals of water on the pitch);
4. Roof on the camera side is hidden;
5. Goalkeeper shirts uploaded (no longer are the same as field players);
6. lots of other small features.

Another part of our work that is close to the end is portraits generator. We uploaded all the illustrations and we can create portraits, you can check out the generator here (refresh the site to display another portrait):
Hopefully we will introduce new portraits to the game next week, two at max.

Unfortunately, our work on the Overview page is delayed - due to covid our work wasn't as fast as we expected. But the Overview page is already at a quite advanced stage Our new deadline is the middle of the month, at the latest the 3rd week. We hope that the community will understand it, we are trying to do our best to deliver all changes as soon as it's possible.

Happy Easter to everyone and take care!

Dev. Diary 48: New finance tab - UX project

  • _james
  • 2021-03-26

Together with current development process we are preparing new proposals for next few pages and innovations. New finance tab project is almost done, so you can check our proposal using the link below. New tab will be much more detailed and will allow you to check your club finances from few different perspectives. What's important, today you can check out the finance overview page. That will be the main page for finance checking, but as you can see at the top of page there will be also an option to check more detailed tabs, like dedicated reports for costs or incomes. That will allow you to compare wages of players and coaches, track your tickets incomes divided by type of game, etc.

In the presented project you can find a few new features, like:
1. Club finances are separated into operational part and dedicated part for transfers;
2. Reports in different time periods, starting from weekly, ending with whole season overview or even last season results;
3. You will be able to compare seasons;
4. Seasonal predictions based on your current costs and average incomes per week;
5. Trend chart to summarize season week by week;
6. Dedicated summary for youth school.

It's just a few improvements, we hope you will enjoy the presented idea. Some of new features will only be available to plus users (we still haven’t decided which ones).

Dev. Diary 47: Automatic registration

  • Matsuyama
  • 2021-03-19

Dev. Diary 47: Automatic registration

We are right about to start working on automatic registration in Sokker. Currently this is a manual process, and because of that users often have to wait even few days for the confirmation of the team and the unlocking all options. It's highly complicated compared to other online games, where in most cases creating an account enables immediate start of the game. We'd like a similar process on Sokker. There will be an automat registering the teams, which will be assigned immediately during creating an account, if there are no contraindications (e.g. connected with duplicated IP number). Development will last few weeks. Planned end of works will take place about April/May.

Dev. Diary 46 - Notifications

  • _james
  • 2021-03-05

Another good info, and another news piece that is not much for reading, but rather for watching. We're working on notifications on the overview screen, which will be displayed to users after logging. Below you can see visualization of basic notifications regarding "necessary" things to do in the club: