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FC Carolina [72669]

Owner: SirAlex

Joined: 2018-03-21 Language: English

Last matches:
Capricorns -:- FC Carolina

Dinamo T 4:0 FC Carolina

Mid-Season Update

2021-02-24 13:54

The turnaround has been dramatic. The bleeding has stopped. New exciting prospects have arrived. With FC Carolina being actively managed again, they have gone from 8th to 4th in the league table. While beating bots week in, week out is nothing special, it will still be great if the team an somehow manage 1st this season. We came in after week 4 with 4 straight losses and a -20 goal differential. After 8 games, if we win the last 6 games, which should be a given honestly, and 1st and 2nd place drops 2 points each, then winning the league will be a reality.

It appears the fans have noticed the difference as well. From about 11 weeks ago, we had 1,851 fans and that dropped precipitously to 1,638 fans last week. Finally, last Monday, we were actually able to gain 3 fans so maybe we can see the fanbase slowly start to climb back up to the 1,800's again. From a mentality standpoint, the fans are starting to believe in their club again. With spirits raising, optimism is once again flowing in the FC Carolina arena.

This season, manager SirAlex has bought heavily in the midfield area. He has also bought pretty young players. All starter MID's were 18 years old and cost a combined 12.7 million. Although only garnering ratings in the mid to upper 30's at the moment, they are improving fast. Recently, SirAlex bought exciting prospect Zhou Shing Kit who is a Hong Kong U23 NT member. He is replacing Klaas Van Lerberghe as the starting left MID once Klaas' transfer embargo lifts next week. SirAlex was quoted as saying "We hate to let Klaas go because I have a lot of belief in him, but frankly our current training regimen fits much better with what Zhou Shing Kit needs. Klaas will go on to benefit much better with his next team and he will be a great player in the future. We wish him all the best." Zhou cost virtually the same amount and is 1 year older than Klaas Van Lerberghe. Lastly, an interesting opportunity arose and SirAlex bought 19 year old Estonian striker Lada Sarapuu for $900,000. He fits into the current training schedule as he already has good stiking ability and just needs lots of PACE training and some TECH training eventually.

We'll check in again at the end of the season and see if FC Carolina can achieve first and hopefully promotion as everyone is hoping for. Until then carry on and support the club!


Mid-Season Update

2021-02-24 13:54

FC Carolina is back!

2021-01-29 17:15

Season 2: Surviving

2018-10-29 13:26


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