Sokker XML files


Only authenticated and active users are allowed to download data from Sokker server. Athentication proceeds the same way as in case of regular visit on Sokker page. First you have to provide login and password by sending them via POST method to script:

POST variables are ilogin and ipassword.

Possible replies from the script:

  • "OK" - athentication succeded
  • "FAILED errorno=[error number]" - athentication failed
    (1 - bad password, 3 - user has no team, 4 - user is banned, 5 - user is a bakrupt, 6 - user IP is blacklisted)
  • After authentication session is created. Session key ("XMLSESSID") is passed as a Cookie, just like with regular browsers.

    You can use this form for testing in browser:

    login:    password:    

    Downloading files

    After successful authentication you (or your software) can download the XML-files located in directory They are created real-time, so are always up to date.

    Following files are available at the moment (expressions in a square brackets should be replaced with proper value):

  • team-[team ID].xml # ie. team-785.xml
  • player-[player ID].xml
  • players-[team ID].xml
  • juniors.xml
  • trainers.xml
  • reports.xml
  • vars.xml
  • transfers.xml
  • country-[country ID].xml
  • countries.xml
  • region-[region ID].xml
  • regions-[country ID].xml
  • league-[league ID].xml
  • league-[country ID]-[division]-[number].xml
  • match-[match ID].xml
  • matches-team-[team ID].xml
  • matches-league-[league ID]-[round].xml
  • This list can be soon extended.