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Splašené Ovečky [28078]

Owner: sheep

Joined: 2006-11-27 Language: English

Last matches:
II. Liga.04 Splašené Ovečky -:- MANOR TEAM

Friendly Splašené Ovečky 4:2 SG Leipzig Leutzsch

Ovečky News

The Club Legend - Jendri Yuswardi

2017-11-02 16:49

We would like to announce that today our player Jendri Yuswardi from Indonesia reached legendary status, as he becomes our first 5 times divine skills player. Jendri entered Splašené Ovečky on 12. september 2014 at the age of 18, and after 10 seasons of hard work, dedication and love he can be allready called a Legend. Thank you and congratulations Jendri.

Jendri Yuswardi, Age:28
club: Splašené Ovečky, country: Indonesia
Value: 3 742 000 $, Wage: 43 025 $
magical Form, divine Tactical discipline
height: 177

formidable stamina, average keeper
divine pace, divine defender
divine technique, divine playmaker
superdivine passing, solid striker


The Club Legend - Jendri Yuswardi

2017-11-02 16:49

My grill fans :)

2016-05-24 13:52

Football chicks

2012-06-28 12:36


2012-06-13 22:51


greeting from venezuela

RACK 2017-12-29

Great job with Jendri. He is a beast!

igo batra [del] 2017-11-21

Oeh why i forgot first keeper

adaca 2017-11-16

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