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FC Edmonton [4343]

Owner: silva (banned)

Joined: 2017-09-18 Language: English

Country: Canada Region: Québec

Stadium: Foote Field

Last matches:
Canadian Premier League FC Aylmer -:- FC Edmonton

Canadian Premier League FC Edmonton 0:14 FC Aylmer

Avenir de Lest


2020-02-01 15:13

This season, FC Edmonton fans are very excited about the club's backstage, signings being made, the stadium is completely renovated, to 60,000 places.

In an interview with the local newspaper Avenir de Lest, President Silva said that this is the beginning of a new era, of victories, titles and financial prosperity.

Goalkeeper Flaviu Ciprian Jipa signing but the guy of the season said he is happy to have arrived at a club with such structure. And already called the crowd to fill the Foote Field in its re-opening 16/02.

The direction of FC Edmonton said that the sale of tickets for the reopening of Foote Field will start soon after 02/04.




2020-02-01 15:13

FC Edmonton

2018-11-05 14:32

Visitors to FC Edmonton

2017-09-28 19:49


regards from El Salvador

Rabínho 2020-05-15

Your club's facilities and the stadium look really nice!

Armin_Arlert 2020-02-23

Congratulations on the victory of Canada U21

BAFI 2020-02-03

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