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Pixies [68842]

Owner: JimGoose

Joined: 2006-12-07 Language: English

Leagues: Eredivisie

Country: Nederland Region: Utrecht

Last matches:
Eredivisie Pixies -:- N.T.V.V.

Friendly Pixies 8:2 Joyride Funk

4th cup win for Pixies!

2015-08-20 10:28

Yesterday night Pixies won their 4th Dutch Cup in an exiting final against fellow eredivisie-team The Smiths.

Unfortunately, the trophy was stolen during the celebrations by a confused elderly man. Witnesses claim the man kept saying he would only trade the cup for a Nobel Prize...


Thank you:)

Adam 2018-08-24

Ja, helaas! Jij mag het volgende week nog een keer bewijzen...succes!

kasimsietsma 2016-12-20

Dank u was sowieso heel close heb tegen 5 van de 7 ploegen punten verloren.

livingcolour [del] 2016-12-19

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