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Fancy Free V [4128]

Owner: nomadicracer

Joined: 2011-01-27 Language: English

Country: USA Region: Virginia

Last matches:
Friendly Fancy Free V -:- Linha Caxias

Major League Fancy Free V 3:1 FC Pattaya


Best Wishes from Poland to you ! :)

domeq 2018-09-24

Greetings from Poland ;)

zyga22 2018-04-04

Back from the dead... Beware!

nomadicracer 2018-03-22

Greetings from Poland :)

piotrek90s 2015-02-06

Nice match, your GK was.... ;)

FluX [del] 2014-12-30

Youngest team in the Majors by 3 years or 9 seasons! well done boys!! Let the Games begin

nomadicracer 2014-07-17

Congratulations on winning the league! You have a great team! Keep it up!

Pablo-24 2014-07-07

Greetings from Romania, and good luck in real life and Sokker

pindoc [del] 2013-08-03

The season of Injury's!! f'n Crazy! star Mid.. no injury's for about 9 seasons.. then a 4 week'r to start the season. first game back out another 2 wks.. next game back out for another 3.. brilliant form now tragic.. and he hasn't played all season.. so un realistic.. turning into a pretty stupid game :(

nomadicracer 2013-07-10

i cant take this shitty match engine any longer.. what a waste of 2 years playing.. finally have a talented team and it doesn't even matter! whoever runs this site needs to WAKE UP

nomadicracer 2013-06-24

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