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Subject: Fantasy Premier League 2013-14

2013-08-05 06:53:46
Teemu76 to All
In this game you have 100 million £ and you must buy 15 REAL LIFE players from English premier league. Your team gets points everytime when your player in real life plays, scores, saves a penalty and so on..
So if interested go to this address and register.
Then just buy those players you want to your team, after that push leagues and enter the code.

Joining in step by step.

1. Register

2. Buy your players (2 keepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 strikers)

3. Push "leagues" link. Push "Join a league". Choose "Private league" and push next. Write the code 1031247-240724(classic) and/or 1031247-240735(head to head) and press Join league. That should do it..

League starts on Saturday 17.8

Here are the rules. Please read them before joining.

Like last season(s) there are also Plus prizes for those who are in top 3 when the league ends:

Winner - 1 year Plus
2nd - 6 months
3rd - 3 months
Also the one who is leading on December 24th will get 2 months.

If you are one of those 4 and you don't want your prize you can give it to someone else.

And please, only 1 team per user. Please write the name of your fantasypremier team (if it's other than the one in Sokker) to this topic or send it to me by SK-mail IF I don't know who you are..

To all winners: After the season is over you have 1 week time to contact me if I don't know who you are. After that I'll give the prize to the person after you in standings.

There are two Sokker leagues. You can join to one of them or both. Both leagues have same prizes. So if you're good enough you could win Plus for 2 years.
If you want to have a chance to win Plus you should join as soon as possible. This time there is a deadline and that is the last day of October in classic (Sokker 8) league. If you join after that you can't win any prizes.

In Head-to-head league (Sokker H2H) the deadline is 17.8, after that it's impossible to join or leave the league.

Leagues are:

Classic scoring 1031247-240724
Teams are ranked based on the total points in the game. In the event of a tie between teams, the team who has made the least transfers will be positioned higher.


Head-to-Head 1031247-240735
Each gameweek you will play a match against another team in the league, with a match result based on game scores (gameweek score minus any transfer points spent preparing for the gameweek). 3 points will be awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw. In the event of a tie, the team with the most game points will be positioned higher.

I'm a lazy person so most stuff written above is copied from last seasons topic which was copied from season before that. If you find a mistake please inform me and I'll fix it.

Good luck to all :)
2013-08-05 13:33:16
join both private league. :)
2013-08-05 13:34:03
I'm in too - ADRIANO
2013-08-05 14:02:15
i am palu putra fc. :)
2013-08-05 15:58:28
its a back !

awesome again

gonna join later in the evening.
2013-08-05 16:55:56
Im in. Team name, Fresh FC.
2013-08-05 16:56:22
Any tips? I am rather noob when it comes to PL. :D
2013-08-06 15:16:16
Tarina Internasional is all in :)
2013-08-07 14:06:33
RSC Overijse
2013-08-10 09:27:00
Team name: Badonkadonks
2013-08-10 09:27:33
I got Gareth Bale, btw. He's bound to stay at spurs and score me a million points.
2013-08-11 19:56:58

The Gospel

I got them all...and you can give me the prices now...don't see the point of waiting till the end :))
2013-08-11 21:52:14
I´m gonna join too. my team is JK grill or something like that. but my internet is too slow atm to join the league so I´ll do that some day itf
2013-08-12 08:52:06
Im in..... team name= adaca
2013-08-12 13:30:07
I'm in - Steaua Bukkakerest
2013-08-12 15:38:27
Im in

Arsenal Prague