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Тема: La Liga 2012-2013

2014-05-12 21:51:44
Di Maria seems to be in nice form though as well as Zabaleta:P

ther's a problem with Aguero though, getting injured all the time...

what is the most probable formation and lineup of Argentina?
2014-05-12 23:05:42
Di María is playing great and, on op of that, he now has the same role in Real and in NT. Only problem is that role demands a lot of stamina, especially to keep him active on defense. He has it now, let's hope it lasts till mid-july :P

Believe it or not, our most probable lineup is:

Zabaleta, Garay, Fede Fernández, Rojo
Mascherano, Gago, Di María
Messi, Higuaín, Agüero

Gago is injured and Banega is so-so at the moment, so it's unclear what will happen in midfield. Agüero or Higuaín could be sacrificed for an additional mid at times, but unlikely if fit. Sabella has used players like Maxi Rodríguez or Sosa for that. Biglia is usually Mascherano's substitute, but he's been used as 4th mid as well, mostly when winning.

But if you get me started on our coach choices, we could run this thread off topic forever :P
2014-05-12 23:08:23
Din0 до Don Enzo
But if you get me started on our coach choices, we could run this thread off topic forever :P

and still no chance to win :D
2014-05-13 23:34:32
Gago...I never really liked the way he played.

Fernandez as first team CB? Nice. He is a great player, I think better than Demichelis, or Otamendi...
2014-05-14 00:38:58
Gago reminds me of Caniggia, or maybe Khedira nowadays: it wouldn't be an obvious choice based on club performance, but you see him in NT... and I would use him too :P

Fernández played with Sabella in Libertadores-winning Estudiantes, which automatically gives 90% probability of going to Brazil :P