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Subject: Lazy Losers Club

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2013-06-06 18:49:17
pewsum [del] to All
I would like to run the Lazy Losers Club cup again. Anybody interested?
2013-06-06 18:54:03
I'm interested.
2014-08-28 11:54:45
I would like to start the Lazy Losers Club league as soon as possible. 5 teams are already shortlisted. One more candidate would be nice!
2014-08-30 15:52:41
Since Jon annoyingly accepted another friendly, there is still one slot open in the Lazy Losers Club. Sign up today or tomorrow: first come, first serve!
2014-08-31 20:45:06
Unfortunately we lost candidates quicker than I could add them. Next week would have been too late for a "6 team, 2 legs competition". I therefore decided to activate the league now with 4 teams and 2 legs.
2014-12-04 20:04:41
I'd like to start the Lazy Losers Club again as soon as possible, maybe even this weekend, if I get 6 teams by then.

Interested teams ... please sign up and don't arrange other friendlies.
2014-12-07 17:36:33
No additional teams at this time! :-(

I will postpone the activation by one more week. The teams that have already signed up may want to set up friendlies against each other for this week.
2014-12-11 17:57:39
Since MichiganMan couldn't wait with setting up a new friendly, we are short 1 team. I want to activate the Lazy Losers Club friendly league this weekend, so please sign up, if interested ... and don't set up a friendly!
2014-12-12 02:29:25
For those who forgot how to get there:
2014-12-12 22:29:54
Finally ... I was able to activate the Lazy Loser Club Friendly League with the following 6 teams:

1. Long Island Pronghorns
2. Missouri City FC
3. FC Sweden
4. FC Nippon
5. Dinamo T
6. Warszawskie Bloki

You will notice that you're not able to arrange any other training friendlies. The fixtures for the league will be created by Monday.
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