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Subject: Nanook's Nudnicks XXX Starring Vin Diesel

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2011-07-22 20:05:37
We'll likely be opening for business AFTER this week for all you nudnicks. Don't forget to lose, and then quickly register.
2011-07-22 20:12:31
Uh, oh. I see that some folks have already re-registered under the old name. What say you - do I close that and let you all register under the current title? Or just allow the name to linger....

Hey, you MOD or ADMIN people - is there any way to rename a Friendly league while leaving intact those that have registered????
2011-07-23 00:05:20
no that i know of......
2012-03-19 14:10:30
Babes set up my Friendly league. Nudnicks Assemble!
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