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Subject: Nanook`s Nudnicks II

2010-05-28 03:48:20
I need one more team. Otherwise I can't do a "return leg" and we'll have a week or two at the end without friendlies. 24 hours for someone to sign up.
2010-05-28 09:06:41
I'm in, u have to invite me though right?
2010-05-28 17:59:31
no just register and he activates later.
2010-05-28 20:12:43
Edit: Found it and registered
2010-05-30 05:06:41
1 more, please.
2010-07-27 21:04:29
It's gonna be comin' round again. In honor of Lucas' refusal to do a 7th movie, I'll be naming this one Nanook's Nudnick's VII - Jar-Jar is Irritating
2010-07-27 21:07:21
1st to signup :)
2010-07-27 21:24:08
How? I haven't even created it yet.
2010-07-27 21:24:57
Ok, now I did.
2010-07-27 21:28:00
predicted the future
2010-08-25 19:44:44
FYI, I fully expect to be out this week, given my playing my B team against the best team in the ML. For my Nudnicks, please register. I suspect some of you, contrary to my advice, won't throw this week's game, but we'll be starting sooner rather than later this season.
2010-08-26 00:23:55
I think I am going to be right with you...
2010-08-26 00:39:18
i know, you don't like it......

moved to friendly
2010-09-02 14:47:57
Feh. Not fair.

Ok, people. Please register to be a Nudnick in the next 24 hours.
2010-12-16 18:52:04
Note - Nudnicks VIII is coming soon. Maybe this week, maybe next. Please register if you are a Nudnick.
2010-12-17 14:32:34
Register today, or not at all. I'm kicking it off.