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Subject: Nanook`s Nudnicks II

2010-05-15 18:29:01
We'll be starting next week, so there is time.
2010-05-20 03:44:27
I am now in after the most f'd up result I have ever seen. 3 goals in extra time? Outstanding defense rating and I gave up 29 shots? Unreal. Oh well I need the training time. Looking forward boys.
2010-05-20 04:16:08
Off we go next Wednesday. Sign up NOW.
2010-05-20 04:17:07
2010-05-20 12:23:13
Jon, that signup was done the second I saw result :)

You said it Dags, that was my first thought.
2010-05-20 14:06:24
you, not your game

I regret that I'm not smart enough to explain the results of your game in a way that you might understand.
2010-05-20 18:20:10
still need another? :)
2010-05-21 17:42:53
Oh I understand the result and why it happened, it is more the fact that the 3 goals came in extra time and not sooner in the match (the tactic and the fact I took a red card for the 2nd time this season in an important match... though this time I entered an instruction wrong). But your condescending tone is so appreciated. Cheers!
2010-05-21 18:37:54
I just love picking on you as you seem to get the most bizarre matches in all the land.
2010-05-21 19:20:26
In my last cup game it was 0-0 through until the 2nd half of overtime where he scored twice

what makes me more upset though is the chances my guys blew in the 2nd half of the actual game... one on one's did nothing...
2010-05-22 03:33:28
Message deleted

2010-05-22 03:33:49
Yeah yeah Dag.... I seem to get all the luck... stuck in A league forever... and always the last to be ready for the friendly cup.... always the bridesmaid never the bride.
2010-05-22 04:30:35
Last chance, people. I'm activating it tomorrow. Come one, come all, and kneel before ZOD!
2010-05-24 13:32:29
Hey Jon, when will the fixtures be set?
2010-05-25 06:26:59
I was supposed to do it earlier today. Argh. One more week wait, with my apologies.
2010-05-28 03:48:20
I need one more team. Otherwise I can't do a "return leg" and we'll have a week or two at the end without friendlies. 24 hours for someone to sign up.