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Titre: Nanook`s Nudnicks II

2008-10-08 22:19:24
Yeah,yeah I wrote it down.
2008-10-09 00:26:19
you won't be in that area, will you? it's not in center city...
2008-10-09 03:26:12
Not til next summer,I'll be sure to ask for directions before we hit town.
2008-10-09 05:19:57
You may, grasshopper.
2009-02-03 06:35:39
It is back, in its third iteration. Nanook's Nudnicks III has the same requirements - all must be people I either mentor or who mentor me.
2009-02-03 12:59:20
You didn't have to go to all this trouble to try and get me to mentor you. You could have just asked. ;)
2009-02-03 13:15:23
Yeah, same for me.

Doesn't participating in rounds I and II qualify for III ?
2009-02-03 15:04:08
2009-02-03 16:42:03
will you go into the offseason week again? I'd like to be able to play in some kinda challenge thing.
2009-02-03 17:01:32
Yes ... be sure to leave week 15 free for our NSW with England ...
2009-02-03 17:26:08
Count me in again.
2009-02-03 21:44:05
I don't have a call on how many games it schedules, you know. It just ... does ... it.
2009-02-05 02:28:23
Well well. That's an early "out" even by my standards.
2009-02-05 03:28:55
yes please.
2009-02-05 04:57:32
Dude, you have to register.
2009-02-06 05:09:11
yes, please?