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თემა: Nanook`s Nudnicks II

2008-09-28 18:03:14
jonandabby [del] მიმართავს ყველას
Those whom I've helped and who helped me should sign up for the friendly league. Probably week #3-4 will be the start of this season's league.
2008-09-29 02:55:59
guacamole [del] მიმართავს jonandabby [del]
i broke your nose.

Does that count as helping you? You look MUCH better now then you did with that schnoz.
2008-09-29 15:41:42
garf112 [del] მიმართავს guacamole [del]
ah, brotherly love. i'm in for number two.
2008-09-29 15:43:22
guacamole [del] მიმართავს garf112 [del]
you wouldn't be sarcastic about it if you'd seen his previous schnoz.
2008-09-29 15:55:56
garf112 [del] მიმართავს guacamole [del]
oh, i broke my brother's nose once, too. it didn't help him look better, though.
2008-09-29 16:00:24
guacamole [del] მიმართავს garf112 [del]
well the doctor helped with the "looking better" part...
2008-09-30 14:24:03
ovcollege [del] მიმართავს jonandabby [del]
Does it count as helping you if I have bought several of your players?
2008-10-02 04:51:20
jonandabby [del] მიმართავს ovcollege [del]
Yes. I needed the money. :)
2008-10-02 13:04:17
ovcollege [del] მიმართავს jonandabby [del]
Then count me in ...
2008-10-02 16:53:53
islander1 [del] მიმართავს ovcollege [del]
looking at how close my training lineup came to losing last night, I should be good to go after next week ;)
2008-10-02 16:59:41
jonandabby [del] მიმართავს islander1 [del]
I have enough b-teamers that I may actually field a normal formation, instead of hiding players in corners.
2008-10-02 17:10:07
wolftep [del] მიმართავს jonandabby [del]
My B-team should knock me out of the US Open Cup in the next week or two.
2008-10-07 21:40:37
jonandabby [del] მიმართავს wolftep [del]
It is possible that I'll lose this week. Since I'm training pace, I'm playing the full b-team without regard to their ability. And I only have one decent backup forward and no decent backup defenders.

Come one nudnick, come all. Don't miss the chance to join in the fiesta. If you know and disdain my advice, or have given me advice that I have ignored, please join in the league!
2008-10-08 02:26:42
medfest [del] მიმართავს jonandabby [del]
What if we just disdain you and only accept your advice on where to buy cheesesteaks?..........:)....Can we still join?
2008-10-08 21:16:35
guacamole [del] მიმართავს medfest [del]

nowhere else.
2008-10-08 22:19:24
medfest [del] მიმართავს guacamole [del]
Yeah,yeah I wrote it down.