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Subject: Junior school? What do you think?

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I have a question about junior pulls: What do you guys think a good junior should be found at... By that I mean in the search for juniors ive been getting a lot of adequate leveled players. Obviously I know I haven't struck any-kind of gold, but what is an above average starting skill level for a junior?
2012-02-25 17:18:38
Adequate is pretty good, I think Good is the highest you can get. I've never seen one better than good.

16yr old Adequate-Good juniors this early time of the season are the best ones imo. Some people like them to be long-term like 32 weeks so they can come out magical to divine, but other people argue that it's better to get them in the middle, like 16 weeks, so they come out younger and you can train them the way you want sooner.
2012-02-25 19:52:51
Thank you I have one adequate 16 year old for 26 weeks. I just have a question about my junior coach. I know that to have the top tier juniors, you need a magical coach, to afford the coach i chose an incredible coach, is this sufficient for training juniors, or should I shell out more cash per week?

incredible of stamina unsatisfactory of keeper
unearthly of pace outstanding of defender
magical of technique unearthly of playmaker
unearthly of passing brilliant of striker
2012-02-25 21:43:11
It depends on what your finances look like. Do a little research by looking on the market at what the salary looks like for the magical coaches and how much you'd have to pay for one if you went on the market. Then decide if you can afford the extra weekly cost and the first time outlay to buy him.

I'm not sure what the difference is in growth, but remember that the juniors talent level is not affected by the coaches level only the rate at which they grow. So you could have a top tier junior he just won't grow as quickly. I don't know what the difference between incredible and magical would be, maybe 1 level for 20 weeks, more or less? I wouldn't think it would be dramatic.

I did the coach search for mine, actually all of my assistants and my junior coach, and spent about 500-600k on search fees, ~36k each time iirc.
2012-02-25 21:57:45
That coach is 26k and thats about what im comfortable paying, along with about 18 junior spots... I did the coaches search, and I think he may have been a brilliant coach possibly if I didn't have such a terrible keeper level, but that is the most expensive skill and im searching for outfield players mainly.
2012-02-25 22:12:08
Brilliant is good enough to get by until you are a well established club and can afford to maximize everything.

When I did my coach searches I'm pretty sure I set every skill as high as I could except keeper which I put at 10 or maybe a little higher.

The aim being a high overall level at a reasonable salary.
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