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Assunto: [S] 24y; Superdivine x2 DEF

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2019-08-10 21:59:19
Hoodibaba para Todos
Praveen Nayar, age: 24, height: 185 cm
value: 66 587 500 Rs., wage: 1 116 250 Rs.
club: Lagends FC, country: India
unsatisfactory form, magical tactical discipline

formidable[11] stamina, tragic[0] keeper
superdivine[18] pace, divine[17] defender
incredible[13] technique, solid[8] playmaker
outstanding[12] passing, adequate[6] striker

I plan to sell him as soon as he pops in defending.
Highest rating - 67

- individual marks for player in one of the matches was at least 65 (85 for goalkeepers)
- capped (at least 20 matches) or current members of NT
- two skills that add up to 32 (ie 2x unearthly)
- three skills that add up to 45 (ie 3x magical)
- four skills that add up to 56 (ie 4x brilliant)
- five skills that add up 65 (ie 5x incredible)
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