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Subject: [S] Freshly 24yo 2x18 Italian def

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2019-06-14 23:07:07
PseudoJoe to All
Alarico Fatale, age: 24
superdivine [17] form
outstanding [12] tactical discipline
168 cm, 57.1 kg, BMI: 20.23
excellent [10] stamina tragic [0] keeper
superdivine [18] pace superdivine [18] defender
adequate [6] technique good [7] playmaker
very good [9] passing adequate [6] striker

He popped in def a week ago, no extra trainings on non-superdivine skills, still a guy with solid potential scouted by Italian NT. Obviously, he needs further training, but that would mean changing whole training strategy for me. If you're able to provide him improvement in secondary skills, I can put him on TL whenever you want, even at a time when few people are online. On the other hand if you're not able to do so, I'm sorry, but there's no need to mail me, I'll do my best to find someone else for Alarico..

- two skills that add up to 32 (ie 2x unearthly)
- three skills that add up to 45 (ie 3x magical)
2019-06-23 00:12:20
Will be listed on Monday evening unless there is an offer..
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