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Subject: My Personal Companion App for SK

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2017-07-31 19:40:08
I have been working with the API and have started building my own companion app. Maybe one day it can exist for other SK users, but it kinda depends on how the API works if multiple users call it from a web-based app. The last thing I'd want to do is roll this out to the community and the API think all these users are logging in from the same machine...

Anyway, I thought maybe you guys could let me know your thoughts!

Each skill name will either either be bold or not-bold. The bold skill is the skill that was trained that week. If the player popped that week, it's green, if they "un-popped" it's red. When you click any skill/value it shows a chart:

The weekly chart shows a few different things...
-The bottom axis shows what skill was trained.
-If the marker bubble is RED, it means the player did not receive training that week, in whatever skill you clicked.
-If the marker bubble is YELLOW, it means the player only received partial training in the skill you selected (likely injury).
-If the marker bubble is GREEN, it means the player received training that week in the skill you selected.
-The bubble is bigger on pops, just to help you see the change.

There are a few icons across the top of each player's tile, which allow you to flip between the various player attributes. The main tile screen for each player is their skills. The other tile screens include form, teamwork, experience, discipline, wage, value, match rating/other match data, chart of all skill pops, and a link to a popup of the next image below.

Player Training View :

This one is pretty self explanatory, until you start seeing the subscript around each skill value. This is just helpful in keeping track of General Training, Direct Training, and Weeks to Pop (based on my estimation of talent). When the player received training, it shows that week as bold in the first column. Pops still turn green/red. This view is just to get a more holistic view of the players training.

Overall Player Data :

This just rolls all the weekly data up for each player - and shows their current skill levels, with GT/DT/WTP data. Again, if the player was trained that week, their name is bold, and the skill they received training in is also bold.

Weekly Player Pops/Values :

Another pretty self explanatory grid. It just shows week over week updates.

What do you guys think?
2017-07-31 21:27:35
Looks nice. I'd post this in sokker international forum. You'll get more feedback there.

2017-07-31 21:34:15
okay, good advice.
2020-05-01 10:25:40
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