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Subject: Harbaugh

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2015-01-03 00:19:30
2015-01-03 02:19:28
won't stop them getting shit on every last weekend of November.

2015-01-03 02:28:46
I thought he was coaching the Raiders
2015-01-03 13:43:35
He was introduced as Michigan's coach on the 30th

edit: The Raiders offered more money
2015-01-03 13:44:21
Nice win against Bama, enjoy it while you can
2015-01-03 20:24:50
3rd string beat the best that the SEC could offer.
2015-01-04 02:35:46
I was rooting against bama, I believe the sec west, the so called best division in college football, went 2-5 and 0-2 against the big ten
2015-01-04 06:35:18
everyone touts the SEC as being amazing. It's pathetic too because all the early games are based on preseason rankings. When you rank 7 SEC teams between 1-10 before a single game is played, its no wonder that all the SEC teams are up there.

That and playing cupcake FCS schools is hilarious and blowing them out 70-0. At least OSU plays competent non-conference teams.
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