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Subject: Football Strategy - Brand New Manager Game

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2013-03-07 14:14:49
Greetings Sokker Community,

I would first like to personally thank Sokker for allowing me the opportunity in showing off Football Strategy.

Football Strategy [FS] is a innovative football manager game currently in it's early stages. You will take the role as a manager of your own football club, manage it and compete with thousands of real opponents in league games, friendlies and tournaments. [FS] is focus on being a challenging strategy game with in-depth game-play to offer the ultimate realistic simulation experience. We plan to offer many unique features and expand further based on the community feedback; which is why we urge you to register to follow our development and have open discussions using our in-game forum. For more information visit our official website at:

You may also view our first glance trailer at Youtube:

Thank you.
2013-03-22 21:55:31
We have release a community FAQ today:

When will Beta officially start?

We are still on schedule to have a public Beta at the end of March. We strongly suggest to “subscribe” at our official website ( so we can inform you if any changes were to occur and also get up-to-date news via e-mail.

How long will the Beta last?

We don’t know exactly how long the Beta can last. After fully testing a season and have gathered enough data, we will then be able to determine a time-frame for launch.

What will happen to my Beta account at launch?

Just like most games, after Beta [FS] will reset for launch. However, you will have the option to keep the same club name and transfer to any country that will be available at launch. If you choice this option, you will keep the same forum account and will receive an exclusive “Beta” testing award. Otherwise, your account will be permanently deleted.

How often will you provide improvements?

You can expect patches at least once a week. Our mind-set is to work constantly around-the-clock and offer a very close relationship with the Community; in fact you can expect interaction from everyone who has been involved in creating [FS].

What languages do you plan to support?

We plan to add support for the following languages shortly after Beta starts: Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, French, Greek, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Dutch.

Is the game free to play?

Yes, the game is completely free to play. However, we do plan to incorporate a “Plus” system without any actual in-game advantages; rather offer visual enhancements for a minimum monthly fee.

What can I do to show my support for [FS]?

You can show your support by spreading the word, and interacting in our social media pages (twitter, facebook, and youtube).

Will I need to download anything in order to view the 3D sim?

Yes, our visual 3D sim uses Unity 3D in order to offer the ultimate experience right on your browser. You can download the require add-on for free here:

What Country-Based leagues will [FS] support?

[FS] plans to support all Europe, NA, and SA countries. We also have included other countries such as Australia. However, during Beta (for testing purposes) we will only enable eight countries.

Will the site support external tools?

The site currently doesn’t support any external tools/API, but we are always willing to listen to the community when Beta starts.

How can I contact [FS] via e-mail?

You can contact us at with any concerns or enquires.
2013-03-23 03:07:45
2013-11-12 23:01:47
who play?
2014-05-07 21:42:18
2015-12-20 03:53:42 aka FS is a new game (similar to Sokker) with a great match viewer and engine. Its really entertaining and easy to manage and play. Basically user-friendly.

Here is an example video:

Link to the video:

And here is the quick and short tutorial explaining how to set your tactics:

Its a fun game that will be liked by those who also like Sokker. :)

Hope to see this community grow there as well. :D
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