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Subject: ultimate manager

2012-07-31 02:02:10
Nice problem to have ;) but I do wish the system allowed for a few more youth, maybe not 30 like here but 12 is kind of low, especially when you have to wait 18 weeks for each one. Lots of down time between pulls.
2012-09-10 00:27:18
agreed. maybe 15-18.

in other news, just moved up to D 03.
2012-09-11 01:10:42

I didn't get relegated, which is something I guess
2012-09-18 07:31:26

Newbie Question: how do you decide when to sell to the federation, and when to sell on the market?
2012-09-19 00:28:14
It can be hard to read, basically when you list a player on the market you are gambling that he'll sell for more than his federation value.

The worst thing that can happen is you list a 100k player and he only gets a couple bids and sells for 10k, that's 90k less than you would have got if you sold him to the fed.
2012-09-19 23:37:52
Hmm. so it's a crap shoot...based on skills. was hoping for a better rule of thumb.

On the upside, I have a full YS, and only 4 are not Americans. :)
2013-02-27 18:43:37
You don't want to keep guys who are low talent.

If their pop rate is lower then 2.25 on two important skills, you want to just release them unless they will actually upgrade your own club as a graduate.

The market for players who are 9-10-2 for main stats isn't much, unless that player finishes youth school in his early 18th year.