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Subject: ultimate manager

2012-05-16 17:25:22
individual player screen should show date of when he is healed

unless i am mistaken, you cant see how long OTHER teams players are injured for unless they have the player 'visible', which is annoying =P i wana know if the player will be healed for my match against them
2012-05-17 06:47:47
ahhhhh!!!! missed the date thing when I moused ovder the injury icon. thanks!
2012-05-25 10:14:44
training question...

for players on the long should they train before they opo...or you give up on them in that skill?
2012-05-25 18:09:05
out of the youthsquad players train all skills at the same rate, varying with coach and skill level still of course

from my experience, with a level20 coach you should aim for ~3 trainings per pop at skill levels 9-13, ~4 trainings 14-17, and ~5 at 18-20. this is for kids 20yo-21yo
2012-05-27 20:55:34
thinking into the future (hopefully i remember this then...), if I decide to sack a coach/trainer, what's the penalty? I seem to recall it's whatever the regular salary would be if I kept him. Do i have that right?
2012-05-27 20:58:37
duh. nevermind. just found the dismissal price on a trainer page. (blond moment...)
2012-06-06 15:33:08
Preview of the Clash of the Titans between the top teams in the first division (League A) of the Latinamerican (SudAmerica) league:

I invite you next tuesday to watch the match.
2012-06-13 23:26:58
I finally got a youth that checks all the boxes:

Age: 17 (173)
Talent: 1.25-1.5
Nationality: USA
Name: Rolly Moffat

well, ok, 3 out of 4 rock
2012-06-27 01:37:28
SHORT VERSION: (Those who dont like to read long posts).
I posted an idea to the developers about the creation of national leagues. I wrote that 50+ should be the number of managers to have a national league and not 70+. The link is this: 50+ league idea

Enter there and support the idea if you like the idea. This way we will see an increase in motivation and participation since having our own leagues would be better for everyone.

I went into the "User´s Suggestions" topic in the International (english) forums that are visited very often by the developers (and sometimes they answer there too), and I proposed the idea to lower the number of managers to create a national league from 70 to 50. I explained the reasons there, but in short, I wrote that with 50+ confirmed managers there would still be good competition having the A and B leagues full (30 teams) and still have plenty of managers fighting for the top in the other four C leagues. So 50+ is a good number that would motivate managers to promote the game since 50 is a "reachable number" and people are more likely to register in the game if they play in their own national league.

Bulgaria and Hungary are already above the confirmed 50+ managers (they have had over 50+ for a long time), so they deserve their own league and France has 46, so its close to reaching that number too, but then it needs to have 50+ confirmed and permanent like Bulgaria and Hungary. Also, this will motivate many managers to invite friends and maybe some will stay in the game knowning that soon in the near future whenever their countries reach the reachable number of 50+ confirmed users, they will have their own leagues too.

I proposed to the developers to make a poll and let the managers decide whether they want 50+ or 70+ confirmed managers to be the limit number to create a national league. If we want this idea to happen, then this idea needs your support, so take just 2 minutes of your time, login to UM and enter the forum or click on this link: 50+ league idea and post a comment supporting the idea. If you dont know english just say "I agree with JoseMP" or "I support the idea" or something like that.

Hope to see your involvement and participation there.
2012-06-27 02:21:33
I don't know man, I see why you're suggesting it, I really would like to get out of the international league where it is so much harder to compete in the market against managers from smaller leagues who are making more money just because it's easier for them to reach higher levels. But I think if I was in a league of only 50 users it would get boring real fast and winning the top division (or the cup) wouldn't really feel like a huge accomplishment. There would probably only be 3 or 4 really good teams competing for the big prizes every season, bleh.

I think it would be better if they set it up somehow so there were a roughly equal number of managers in each league.

So not necessarily split by nation but arranged in some way so that the number of managers competing directly against each other was broken into more or less equal blocks. Some nations would have to be merged with others and adjustments would need to be made from time to time, but it is worth it in my opinion.

Even better would be to have all the managers in the game in the same league, one giant international league.
2012-07-14 19:26:46
I've got a US MIO due out of YS on Sept 15. He trains about like this:

Pace ^0.275 PM ^0.225 Pass ^0.2 Tech ^0.2 Stk ^0.2

Current stats:
Pace 4.0
PM 3.4
Pass 3.4
Tech 2.1
Stk 2.4
Tack 1.7

2012-07-19 02:21:05
What's his age?

Is 2.75 the average amount he goes up with each training of pace? That's really good if that's the case, more .3s than .2s, very good talent.

The other skills you showed are more pedestrian, it could be that his best training is in the defender group (pace, def, head)... I'd give him a few sessions of defender training to check the talent there. It might be on par with pace.
2012-07-19 03:32:34
yeah. those are his numbers averaged out over the first 6 trainings or so. I changed him from DEF to MIO becauase he has a 0.1 Tackle training. But, with Pace and PM where they are...he's perfect as a MIO. he's also age 18, with 7 weeks of training left.
2012-07-20 22:23:43
Looks good then, really good if he's on the young side of 18...
2012-07-28 17:32:45
unfortunately, he is just about to turn 19. :(

in other news, this is the first week I haven't been willing to cull someone out of YS for low training. I have a full school, with everyone training the mains and secondaries at 0.2 or better. And youth pull is tomorrow. wow. just wow...
2012-07-31 02:02:10
Nice problem to have ;) but I do wish the system allowed for a few more youth, maybe not 30 like here but 12 is kind of low, especially when you have to wait 18 weeks for each one. Lots of down time between pulls.