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Subject: ultimate manager

2012-04-21 20:12:11
once your squad is full and you have to make choices you will see. youll have 3 guys waiting to get in, but all 12 spots full, gotta choose if some guy isnt young enough or talented enough to want to keep over testing out a new one.

for now if your squad isnt full, i wouldnt get rid of anybody unless its completely obvious they suck
2012-04-22 02:04:10
that part I get. It's not much different here than UM...just more expensive here. (lol)

My question revolved around training a specific skill for juniors. There are two training sessions per week. When should you change skills being trained? Do you just train a different skill each session? Do you change each week? Do you monitor for three training sessions? four? at what point do you change what skills you train?
2012-04-22 09:48:13
just gotta go by feel =P

ur mainly just going for 2-3 primary skills with a specific position in mind, not much skill switching happening once youve decided to take them all the way. before then, i first try usually pace and whatever highest other primary he starts out with
2012-04-22 10:03:52
SOOOOO...since they may or may not be what they get recruited as, you train pace, and just go through everything else till you find something that trains well and stick with that.

hmm...sounds like it ends up being a slightly more informative crap shoot than it is here. it's better only in that you can see how well they train at something.
2012-04-22 16:52:40
You don't 'go though everything else', as it will be more beneficial to just get rid of the guy and test out someone new who is waiting in the proposals. You dont wanna take a guynup from 1.0 in a skill because it would take weeks to reach 3.0 , vs a guy who already started with 3 and prooves to be talented the first week. Once u have 12 guys and u have three more sitting in the proposals, you will see you get to be very picky

It's much better than here, youre forgetting the main benefit - you control what skills they come out with. No worthless players with solid tackle and striking, and even if you don't like the player you can sell him to the fed for 100k and still come out even
2012-04-22 16:54:54
You can tell if the kid is worth keeping after a week or two rather than having to take him all the way here and hoping the skill distribution is good

Once you have the squad a few more weeks you will see. Here you battle to break even and frequently dont (which is why i dont even have a ys here), there you have much more control and if you are smart about it you can't not at least break even
2012-04-22 20:31:42
No question YS doesn't cost near much in weekly salary and expense in UM--I noticed that real fast. I think I was referring to trying out the various primary skill groupings in terms of running through the skills. I was thinking back to whoever said that a new youth may or may not be whatever the position they were recruited at. My thought was you either find something he can train at, or you can the guy. But, that makes sense to not waste time on the "1.0" skill slots. Hadn't thought of that, so thanks for that gem.

By the way, does anyone have an age cut-off for when you will reject a youth, as opposed to recruit him?
2012-04-22 22:03:36
My approach is this:

If I get a .1 in any skill I sack him.

If I get .2 3 sessions in a row I switch to another skill.

If I get a .3 I keep training that skill unless after that .3 I get 3 .2's in a row before the next .3, in that case I switch.

Overall I'm hoping to find a skill that will give me .3's every 3rd training or better.

I usually keep the skill groupings for each position in mind when I switch from one skill to another.

For example, if I get a bunch of .2's in a row on technique then I'd assume that his 3 optimal skills will not be the striker set (since that's the only position that has tech as a primary).

Of course you are hoping that those .2's are not his optimum already and that there are other skills that will produce .3's that you haven't found yet. This won't always be the case.

When your school is not full you can afford to be more patient and switch around a lot, when you have a full school it can get to the point where you are sacking anybody who doesn't give you .3s somewhere within a couple sessions, depending on the quality of what you have already.
2012-04-28 21:01:00
I think I am sacking 3 guys from ys. all of them train at 0.1 in pace...and 2 other skills.

Came in as MIO
PAS 1.7/1.8

Came in as MIO
PAS 2.1/2.2

Came in as a ATT
TEC 2.7/2.8

Anyone see a reason to keep these guys?
2012-04-29 21:06:54
probably not. were those from international coaches?
2012-04-30 01:00:43
First is international, second is national, third is international. also, they were the first group of recruits. So, my thought was cut them since the next round of recruits is going to put me at twelve youth. (I seem to recall some one saying you can have twelve in school. right?) why should I keep them?
2012-04-30 02:30:50
I'd sack all three now, no way you'll end up keeping them to the end of their 18 weeks.
2012-04-30 02:55:48
that was my original thought, too, as soon as i hit the third skill with 0.1 increases.
2012-05-02 18:41:46
fabian chadwick is on the TL, i told myself i would buy every US NT starter i possibly could so i will be going for him haha
2012-05-16 08:39:44
Apparently I got an injured player last week. How do you find out how long your player is injured for?
2012-05-16 17:25:22
individual player screen should show date of when he is healed

unless i am mistaken, you cant see how long OTHER teams players are injured for unless they have the player 'visible', which is annoying =P i wana know if the player will be healed for my match against them