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Subject: ultimate manager

2011-02-26 01:07:52
nope, main thing is to set training by next session monday, build ur stadium over the weekend

there isnt much to do in the game yet besides starting to get familiar with the tactics/ME. every other week when you have a home game just spend the money on ur stadium then play the waiting game again. there are hardly any players at all floating around in the transfer market

once i finish my last 2 corners of stadium ill open up a youthsquad, which will be in 2 weeks. system seems really cool - you get to pick what your youthsquad kids train, two skills per kid, and see the progress in increments of 0.1 of a skill level. and each youth is talented in a certain position which you have to figure out by witnessing his talent yourself (ie every training he goes up 0.3 in striker vs only 0.1 in defender).

the game should be more interesting with a full blown youthsquad and trainable senior squad when the transfermarket is alive, but for now its just signing up early for a monetary head start
2011-02-26 03:02:18

Arsenal FC

I'm in one of the Italian leagues, F 023? I think?
2011-02-26 18:26:33
I just joined also. I got a team in League F17. Question for you guys. Where do you set the lineup for your league match? I have a friendly match scheduled already and I was able to set my lineup, but I can't find any info on my league, i.e table, schedule, etc.


2011-02-26 18:38:07
click on championship on the left
2011-02-26 19:02:28
Sent you and mrhfan friend requests
2011-02-26 19:11:54
Thanks, I totally over looked that one.
2011-02-26 19:44:16
I just checked and there are only 13 players from the U.S. so far.
2011-02-26 20:22:35
Only Italy has more than 100

1,086 active users in 65 countries

Italia 294
2011-02-27 10:33:25
just signed up
2011-02-27 17:43:19
I made a new tactic, its pretty much done the same way. Just less boxes(12)

oh, and you have to do offensive(when you have the ball) and defensive(when they have the ball)

24 boxes total
2011-02-27 17:49:27
I was looking for other sokker users and found jamp has quit and Uriah=uranderson? hasn't logged on in a few days.
2011-02-27 17:51:17
found chasecad10 and soccerplayah69
2011-02-27 22:14:07
yeah that's me, it's been more than a few days since I logged in though, more like a month, I'll check back in and see if I still have the team.
2011-02-28 00:15:34
I shot my whole load on my stadium before I realized it might be a good idea to save a few bucks to buy 2-3 players. I have a friendly scheduled in a 10k seat arena, anyone have any ideas on how much money that will get me?
2011-02-28 17:46:25
my team name is chillchillsuperchill no spaces due to lack of character ability, same user name slammmy tho

i havent bought any players, stadium is all u need for now
2011-02-28 23:59:03
team: Aguilas del America
user: vondocha