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Subject: ultimate manager

2011-02-24 18:22:10
SLAMBOT [del] to All
first, DONT FIRE ANYONE. you can sell players in two different ways: put on the TL starting at 1k and let the market decide OR sell to the federation for the full dollar value of your player. my suggestion is immediately sell to the federation any player older than 22yo. then, scour the TL for players with evaluations over 5. you can basically gain back the same players you sold but on the TL you can find them for under 10k each if you spend the time to look. click the 'auctions still in progress' or 'ongoing' link to see every player on the TL, and put a bunch of low bids on players

second, take your money from the profit you made from the federation selling and build your stadium. all covered. look at a league match from the league youre in to get an idea of how many seats to build

third, set your training. go to training page and select 11 players and one of your coaches. youll have to wait til monday for new coaches to appear to select from. pick a high quality coach right off the bat

fourth, open your youth school. i have 2 international coach and 1 national

fifth, set up a friendly. good way to get an extra 50k every week

2011-02-24 23:35:10
Ultimate Manager

This game?
2011-02-24 23:38:12
yes thats the one, sorry forgot to link
2011-02-25 00:33:45
I signed up and have been put on the waiting list
2011-02-25 00:57:23
im working on my tactics right now =D

to start basically just make sure you assign training (happens twice a week and you can pick 11 different players to train whatever skill you want them to train in individually), and spend all your money on the stadium the way the rules say you should for your division
2011-02-25 14:38:56
Block M

Italian league
F 021

Haven't done anything yet, off to work.
2011-02-25 17:26:58
you signed up italian?
2011-02-25 17:54:00
No, the World league became full so now you are stuck in the italian leagues till season end.

2011-02-25 17:58:26
you sure? i thought faded lookin flags were open teams and ive got 2 in my league
2011-02-25 23:32:35
I have a USA flag
2011-02-25 23:59:47
friendly me
2011-02-26 00:06:00

I'll start reading the rules and stuff tomorrow, long work week. Anything I need to do tonight?
2011-02-26 00:21:12
Doesn't look like it. My team is made as well. Unless you want to open a YS, but I won't be doing that until I figure out how to control finances and stuff.
2011-02-26 00:57:03
I just watched the first half of the clubs last match under old management.

Viewer seems ok, a little slow at times
2011-02-26 01:00:36
Could not find you with a search. Who are ya and where ya hide'n?
2011-02-26 01:07:52
nope, main thing is to set training by next session monday, build ur stadium over the weekend

there isnt much to do in the game yet besides starting to get familiar with the tactics/ME. every other week when you have a home game just spend the money on ur stadium then play the waiting game again. there are hardly any players at all floating around in the transfer market

once i finish my last 2 corners of stadium ill open up a youthsquad, which will be in 2 weeks. system seems really cool - you get to pick what your youthsquad kids train, two skills per kid, and see the progress in increments of 0.1 of a skill level. and each youth is talented in a certain position which you have to figure out by witnessing his talent yourself (ie every training he goes up 0.3 in striker vs only 0.1 in defender).

the game should be more interesting with a full blown youthsquad and trainable senior squad when the transfermarket is alive, but for now its just signing up early for a monetary head start