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Subject: [IDEA] Loan... why not?

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2018-09-04 19:23:52
TES to All
Let's talk again about loaning players.
Good idea for growing up skilled youth players out of first team training.

1. Transfer market improved with loan section
2. interested teams make offers for the loan period, but the team owner decides where the players goes
3. Trainers skills of new team are shown in order to let the other team decide the best choice (money or trainers?)
4. loans expires automatically at the end of season
5. Salary is payed by the new team

No other rules.

What do you think about it?
2018-09-05 06:55:09
So let me see: you get to train more than 2/6/10 players a week for free, in fact you don't even pay their salaries.

On the other hand, some team willingly takes an unskilled youngster, pays his salary and trains him, though this team will never profit from the player's improvement.

I don't see demand = supply in such market...
2018-09-14 20:28:50
Message deleted

2018-09-14 20:29:00
you're wrong :)
A lot of lower divsion teams will be happy to have a good (young) player that can help to achieve their goal, even if this means to pay his salary and train him for other.

But if you prefer we can let free choice:
5. Salary is payed by the new team or not (it is an option to choose)
2018-09-16 22:18:01
A lot of lower divsion teams will be happy to have a good (young) player

Which "good player"? The players you talk about suck in terms of current level. If lower division teams want players with those skills, they can just buy them for $1, $10,000 tops. They just won't be you g, but if you're not getting the profits from training them, who cares?

5. Salary is payed by the new team or not (it is an option to choose)

It's still pointless.

Besides, that's just about whether smaller teams will want those players on loan (which they won't). You miss the part where nobody wanting players on loan is the good scenario. The worst case scenario is if lower division teams actually are dumb enough to accept these loans: in that case, higher division teams will get to train, and profit from, many more players than they currently do, enlarging the financial gap between the two group, and making it even more likely that only higher division team can afford young, talented trainees, until getting players on loan is the only option - meaning there is no way to progress in the game.

I'm sorry, but it really is useless at best, and one of the worst proposals at worst. I'm sorry if I didn't manage to help you understand why.
2018-09-17 18:01:06
I appreciate your efforts Don Enzo, but I'm still sure loans could be a resource for the game.
I know this is not an easy idea to make, I know my idea is not the best idea in the sokker world but it could be improved!
Even your opinion is a good contribution: try to be positive :)

Which "good player"?
This one for exemple is 22years old, reserve in my team
magica [15] pace
scarso [3] defence
formidabile [11] tecnic
buono [7] playmaker
eccellente [10] pass
formidabile [11] attack

don't need to be dumb to accept this player on loan ;)

even if you will train him for other you have a free player to use and win match :)
2018-09-17 22:45:29
Low teams can train players to a higher level like first division teams can, they don't have the coaches to do so. Can't afford them.

Besides, I see all kind of cheating options. Not to; mention, loan has been suggested a long time ago. Use search at the bottom of the page and look for 'loan'.

Last point, DEV take PLUS money but don't spend this on any new implementations. Unfortunately all posted ideas are useless.
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