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Subject: chess

2006-12-24 14:21:36
NoGalo to All
would someone like to play..?
yahoo,games,chess,advenced,table 75..

Nobody wants to play against me..:(
2006-12-24 14:45:09
I won chesse tournament in my school in last year. In this year i must defend it :P
2006-12-24 15:53:27
ohh.. I would like to play a game of chess with you :)
2006-12-24 19:37:03
I play yahoo pool :) and chess a bit
2006-12-24 20:09:37
yes, chess is very good game!!!
2006-12-25 05:35:28
I came runner up in my school two years in a row.
2006-12-25 07:28:18
So, tell on what time are you in, and maybe we can play with you :) (sokker time plz :) )
2006-12-25 20:31:34
ääh, what..? chess

What is that.? Is it te game whwre u have black and vhite plauers.?
2006-12-25 20:35:31
2006-12-25 20:44:17
I was pretty good in chess some years I don´t play but I could give it a try ;-)
2006-12-25 20:47:37
Oh, sorry.. i was wondering some new pc game or something like that...Ups ;(
2006-12-25 22:46:18
i play on 5 minutes + 5 second per every move..
advenced room(2)..
on yahoo chess..
2006-12-26 00:59:36
can sumone please post a link to the chess room.
2006-12-26 02:23:50
2006-12-26 07:54:36
go to gameknot ;)
2011-09-13 13:06:13
im da best I can beat everyone