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Subject: Rugby

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2019-03-04 22:27:31
Collunder to All
If you like Rugby and you want to help a small german club, please vote (every day) for Karlsruhe Rugby to get them some money. The complete work is made volutary and they do a great job by teaching the youth to play rugby.
Please just vote here:

2019-03-05 00:13:11
When I try to vote, this message appears. If you know the error let me know, good luck!

2019-03-05 02:30:19
Fehlercode: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap

but I don´t know how it works
2019-03-05 17:34:42
Thanks for the try. Probably one can't vote from outside Germany. :-/
2019-03-05 17:53:41
No, one can't vote from outside Germany. Sorry. But thanks a lot for your support.
2019-03-05 19:15:02
I am not from outside germany, and it doesn´t work for me too.
2019-03-05 19:27:54
I did vote And everything is ok ;)
2019-03-05 21:12:43
No problem. Good luck with your project.
2019-03-05 22:23:13
works fine ...
Vielen Dank! Ihre Stimme wurde gewertet.
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Rugby is awesomest sport
2019-03-06 18:44:48
Thanks to you all. And don't forget to vote EVERY DAY! :-)
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