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Subject: World climate study

2019-02-19 08:44:44
It is important that people have the self-confidence to know that they are competent and not trusting what they are told in the media

2019-02-19 11:39:13
not trusting what they are told in the media

first rule for the 21th century citizen: everybody is selling you something.
2019-02-19 13:37:36
Just for information, UV-Index today in central Europe is 9,2

The weathermen will tell you it is between 1 and 2

A level above 6 means: you should not go outside without protecting your skin

Above level 9 means: you should immediately go out of the sun. Measuring instruments emit a warning tone from level 9 onwards.
2019-02-19 16:16:44
Hooray, finally an excuse to stay inside in front of the computer!
2019-02-19 18:50:34
can you tell us a source?
2019-02-20 22:37:50
His barometer probably :)
2019-02-21 09:22:11
The source are the instruments, I use since some decades. It is my job to do these measurings. I am a forestry engineer.
Everybody could do these measurings. A UV-Watch costs 20 € or so. But meanwhile it is hard to get one, because most of them are sold out all over the world.
There won´t be informations in "official" media. Even my institute is not allowed to give informations to public.
The only reason why I do this here is, because I think it is a crime not to tell the people, what is going on.
2019-02-21 20:35:37
and what is going on?
Is it a some sort of change we all don't see?
wich kind? climate?
2019-02-22 08:37:11
There are many indications that the weather is artificial. For example, if you look out into the sky the next night you will see it starry with twinkeling stars, although the evening was cloudy. That happened every night since months and it cannot happen naturally.

Or take a look at the meadows and fields. They turn more and more yellow, because of UV stress. In February ! Only in the shadow they are still dark green.

All leaves from last autumn are still on the ground. Most of them without holes. They have not been composed by soil organisms and fungi, as it should be before spring comes.
The apples and other fruits have not been eaten by animals, as it should be till late autumn. The reason is, that their peel is inedible because the uv radiation has destroyed the cells and cause a lack of fructose.

Last summer a tree in our botanical garden was burned by the sun.
It was black on a width of only one centimeter, he charred and the trunk broke off at this point.
UV-Index was 16,5 at this day ! So you can imagine, what happened in California.

There are lots of other observations. But it would go to far here to explain them in broken english ;-)
2019-02-22 09:03:10
I will take a look if I see something like that near me...
and in your opinion this is a local (german?) phenomenon, or a global one?
2019-02-25 18:51:35
It is important that people have the self-confidence to know that they are competent and not trusting what they are told in the media

LOL :P Fake news, now also fake weather forcast :D

Ofcourse you have to think a bit more about what you are told. But to link this to weather reports. You just made my day :D
2019-02-25 18:57:05
be sure there is no lol anymore
and it does not matter, if I made anyones day :-(
2019-02-25 19:01:00
I say chemtrails ;D
2019-02-25 19:05:04
Chemtrails are an illusion. Reality is much more serious
2019-02-25 19:19:35
Yeh, fake weather reports. I know the weather when I step outside, no matter what someone predicted the day before on the news.

And you don't know if these chemtrails are real or not.

Now you are doing the same as what you are posting about, making your opinion the only truth while you can't know for sure.

In 2050 there is more plastic in the oceans as fish. And not just plastic but way worse as today because when certain plastics break down, it becomes even worse for the oceans, and in the end our food.

So if you want to fight for something, there are way worse subject as 'fake weather reports to confuse you'.
2019-02-25 19:36:19
Forget media. There is no 2050 for you or me. Too much plastic in oceans is like too much chili in your meal.
Weather "control" started in the 1920s, but it is no control. It is a helpless try to prevent another reset.
The only opinion, which counts would be your own. But as long as you believe media, it will not be enough. Media is made by humans to control humans, nothing else. Earth doesn´t care about.