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Subject: Best11 Manager

2017-02-10 20:13:44
Nice game
2017-02-11 13:38:42
i playing from day 3, the game has a retro vision that i like very much but You have idea a payment system to win in the game, it is my opinion
2017-02-13 11:59:51
Mmm?! That's not true... My game it's not a "Pay to Win" game!

Anyone else wants to register? I remind you the link: :)

PS - I've added some screenshots on the first page, for those who are curious.
2017-02-16 02:36:54
Thanks, good game redboy!
2017-02-18 00:50:52
Can u add Venezuela?
2017-03-05 20:49:38
I did few mistakes and drop my balance but I'm still keep trying
2017-03-07 09:02:16
Don't worry. In this game is pretty hard to go to bankruptcy... :D
2017-03-12 00:44:52
like it congrats not sure will have time though
2017-03-14 09:28:01
@Everyone - At the end of the season, a lot of active teams will promote to higher leagues (even in the First League), and the inactive teams will be relegated. So, don't worry if your team is on 5th or 6th league. ;)
2017-03-18 12:41:50
I have fallen in love With this game. It's not too advanced for me, and even if it's not take a lot of my time, I spend hours just watching around, and hanging on the forum. It's new, and the chances to be best in the game is really big. Just spend some time reading the manual, and then you get a head start from the others. Start today guys! Highly recommanded :) :)
2017-03-21 08:19:20
Thanks, man! :)
2017-03-22 22:46:33
Ok, I see Venezuela was created a while ago.
2017-03-24 20:04:21
Ok, I just registered. Looks like a nice game so far.
2017-04-30 23:29:01
Good luck everyone in the 3rd season of the game which starts tomorrow! ;)
2017-05-01 02:41:43
Nice game, Im playing it and its enjoyable. I promoted to the next division.
2017-05-09 13:12:46