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2019-02-08 17:07:43
do you have so much money to bribe him?
2019-02-08 22:19:30
At least Mark created Facebook then realised he could get our data.
Ila-a is taking our data without even creating anything.

He’s moving to another place because he just bought a cottage.
Now finally the Tesla is arriving and he needs money to pay it back, so please, register.

Don’t worry too much about Dev, referees and others crazy little thing.
Do you duty: give your data
2019-02-09 00:54:39
So happy to read so much positive vibes!
Keep the mood up =)

You are right, the time is flying but the right team is important, not some coder that will drop out as usual.

There is some options left if i don't manage to find funding IRL,

Option one is to make it community open source based game, there is over 10 coders who signed up and volunteered to code, but i have been involved in similar project before but it didn't work in the long run. I want a dedicated team that stay for the long run, otherwise the code gets messed up with different people creating it!

Thinking about crowdfunding the project to fund coders as second option, creating new concept designs meanwhile when i have the time.
2019-02-09 01:02:03
Ohh come on imann, i wish i could buy a Tesla =)
Do you really think i could get so rich of selling this data? Find me a buyer and i will sell it, you will earn 50%, i will take the other half and fund coders and build a game =) Then collect users You may have solved all our problems =D

You don't know me, I'm a creator since i was a child, i dont do it for the money!
Do you think i did the earlier design for Sokker for the money? including the one i won 10 years PLUS for, oh let me remember you are to new to know (but you can check old threads). Or did i do the site "Sokker on sugar" with newbie guide for users, and Club logos for over 50 clubs for the money?
Check your facts mate,

To all other users who signed up, i hope i will give you the pleasure to play my game one day!
2019-02-09 10:41:03
Keep it up ila-a.
For sure until it gets real, you will have plenty of detractors. But if one day you succeed you will have plenty of followers. Hope you find a way. Personnaly I believe it will take another 5 years at minimum unless sokker dies and you get more support (technical and money). And in between I wish you the best.
2019-02-10 18:55:25
Thank you lubain, your words give me more strength =)
They are realistic and motivating!

The irony is that i help other entrepreneurs everyday designing and developing their products from sketch to market =) One day i will make my own!
2019-02-10 19:26:25
btw ila-a where is your 10 years plus?it is not active, or its just me?
2019-02-11 08:57:00
10 years already passed by :O
btw i still use the old theme because in the new ones all the graphs are messed up
2019-02-11 12:55:13
Hi Ila-a. Unfortunately how the things goes remember how sokker act, long times to improve and in the last years it has been really nothing. The first post has been opened almost three years ago, it's a long time and somebody can lost hopes and don't believe you. But I can imagine that it's hard to do something alone without support. If I should do the same I don't know where to start. Probably we have not received news in the meantime and we can't explain this long time, this justify the reasons of detractor.
If you are honest with us (I don't know you but you said that you've done several things for the community, If it's true, I don't know why don't believe you :) ), please go over and ignore detractors. You are "playing" with the highest hope of every sokker players, joking with you it's a way to avoid to face the disappoint that sokker will reamain as is, that we digest very badly. So, you have to expect it, but it's a sign that the hope is alive and detractors are better the one that ignore your project.

About me, I don't know if a project really become reality but, at least, get us involved, please :). I will be very glad to do something in first person.
2019-05-28 14:18:53
What if owners add new features about manager packts. For example, if some manager from packt list adds player on transfer list, you get notification about it etc. :)
2019-07-04 11:56:40
Picking players for the next match really needs development. It's just so complicated. You can't sort players to pick the right one. You only see their skills when you click on them. And we need a list to see who are left and who are already picked. In hattrick it's so simple and useful.
2019-07-05 13:28:56
And that's about the only advantage hattrick has in comparison to sokker...
2019-07-05 13:43:41
I don't care. Sokker still needs development.
2019-07-05 13:46:53
One more advantage for hattrick: Hattrick notify me when one of my players' skill level up even if I don't pay for plus. In sokker we need to pay for it and the money is not spent well.
2019-07-05 13:53:45
man,you are to late to the game,we've started to beg/scream /yell/cry for improvments since more than 10 years ago and no,good luck with that ;)
2019-07-05 14:11:13