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Subject: »Real Spamtopic

2019-11-17 20:33:47
not a single cent, i am a disciple of Son of God,God told me that, i didn't dream, not in my thoughts, directly from the sky, i am truly afraid of God
2019-11-17 22:30:32
And I'm a disciple of Son Goku, he also told me that directly from the sky and I'm truly afraid of the kamehameha wave :-p
2019-11-18 18:39:35
Already inspired ;P

2019-11-18 18:44:27
And I found the original painting!

Some douchebag painted an old bearded European man over the almighty FSM!
2019-11-18 19:01:03
I choose option 2
2019-11-19 09:59:45
buddy why you believe in evolution? can you show me?
2019-11-19 10:48:59
Its better story between these two, who wrote the fairy tale about talking sky should be fired ;)
2019-11-19 11:00:43

christian genius billionaire kanye West

2019-11-19 11:24:05
we have any kind of food with any kind of taste, we have any kind of drink with any kind of taste, we have any kind of material to build and make anything we want, the world is the place to be. evolution couldn't do this. "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:". believe in the magic soup of darwin (satan), believe in the frog which became a prince, believe in satan. (bad advice). repent yourselves, read the bible, help poor people.
2019-11-19 11:31:08
sure, I wonder who have asked for diseasis, pedophilia and Trump :D could you please asked when you will be talking with him?
2019-11-19 11:39:03
if we were immortals life would be a living hell, we are corrupted, our desires compromise us in front of God
2019-11-19 11:57:55
and Pineapple on pizza is it also SATAN chose ?
2019-11-19 12:02:41
you try a diversion?
2019-11-19 12:34:44
2019-11-19 13:11:42
2019-11-20 15:34:41
Pineapple is good on pizza, wtf are you talking about?