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Subject: »Real Spamtopic

2019-08-24 09:20:18
2019-08-25 13:35:44
derived is something else
2019-08-26 15:08:52
sorry for comeback

was fun because on internet all doors are closed to me, censorship (even youtube)...but yesterday i found a new toy, facebook which is greater than all...
2019-08-26 15:27:39
- we have any kind of food with any kind of taste, we have any kind of drink with any kind of taste, we have any kind of material to build and make anything we want, the world is the place to be, evolution couldn't do this. "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:".
- believe in the magic soup of darwin (satan), believe in the frog which became a prince, believe in satan. (bad advice)
- repent yourselves, read the bible, help poor people.

this is my first message "by default" wherever i surf on the internet where is possible to speak about satan
2019-08-26 16:51:34
Message deleted

2019-08-26 18:55:49
ok i am not welcomed, my messages are deleted for no reason...goodbye forever satan
2019-08-26 19:57:13
was fun because on internet all doors are closed to me

Well, if it happens all the time, maybe you are the problem?? Just a thought .....
2019-08-26 20:41:40
Make up your mind!! Are they oxen, buffaloes or ... unicorns ... yes unicorns in the bible :P

I think isaiah (34:7) and Job (39:9-12) found something interesting to smoke.

2019-08-26 22:29:58
Which one, which one??
2019-08-26 23:50:45
For god's sake I hope it is the dragon.

You see what I did their .. :P

But as even unicorns are in that book, dragons most probably also after another long night with magic mushrooms and/or special 'herbs'.

2019-08-27 00:33:55
Regarding pope, I think it's not true. If I remember correctly, in the Bible Jesus says to Peter "you're Peter the Rock (not Dwayne Johnson), and that rock you will build the Church...he was saying to Peter he would become the 1st pope...maybe not in the way it is today but still...
2019-08-27 07:50:05
Can you remember your best blowjob?
2019-08-27 11:16:56
This is a perfect opportunity for "yo mom" joke but I won't be rude :)
2019-08-27 18:05:38
you should though ...
2019-08-28 23:28:33
Top one !
2019-08-29 20:55:45