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Subject: haxball

2011-02-16 00:00:23
2011-02-16 00:00:53
great. I will make it and called sokker :)
2011-02-16 00:00:55
how do I find it there?:)))
2011-02-16 00:04:12
is montenegro flag there?
os serbia?

ok, I found 2 montenegro's flags :)
2011-02-16 00:06:37
montenegro sure.
2011-02-16 00:07:53
come on, make it.
i didn't find any sokker
2011-02-16 00:09:09
I want to play :P

But please 2 vs. 2 at least...
2011-02-16 00:10:37
come on, I make a room, called SOKKER, 4 players, look for romania flag :)
2011-02-16 00:13:30
I make it.

anaconda and me in one team :)
2011-02-16 00:15:04
i don't find it!!!

look for a romania flag and tell me what distance you have

ok, i found it, but cant connect :(
2011-02-16 00:16:59
go to "sokker ultra_rosso_nero", Montenegro flag, we are waiting...
2011-02-16 00:17:45
And I couldn't connect to yours :(
2011-02-16 00:18:04
what to do?
2011-02-16 00:19:34
says 'if the problem persists, see faq' :(
2011-02-16 00:21:28
don't know, can't connect...

i give up...
2011-02-16 00:30:58
unnable to connect :(