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Subject: haxball

2017-03-14 21:32:27
anyone still play this?
2017-03-14 21:49:11
i can :P
2017-03-14 21:51:04
maybe later :D

just wanna know if fana, langhe and others are still for this.. or they grow up :D
2017-03-14 21:58:01
I never grow up :D though I played it maybe once last year.
2017-03-14 22:09:32
maybe we can try on a weekend, with hopefully enough people
2017-03-15 15:25:11
OMG i forgot this awesome game existed :p
2017-03-15 18:49:45
you got too much caught up with all the .io ones :o
2017-03-15 20:28:13
Wanna play?
2017-03-16 01:35:07
I'll be there to kick your asses boyzzz... If my ping will allow me, because i moved to Canada :)
2017-03-16 11:52:38
what side? :)
2017-03-16 18:36:51
ı enjoy
2017-03-16 21:54:59
Is Hells still alive? We were the dream team :)
2017-03-16 21:57:40
no you where rubbish :p
2017-03-16 21:59:01
Message deleted

2017-03-16 22:34:54
were* :p
2017-03-16 23:24:18
when your opponent is.. only me :D

even langhe would do well in that case :D