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Subject: GPRO - Grand Prix Racing Online

unfortunately i could not manage my team.

good luck to everyone in this game
2011-01-31 20:50:05
thanks for the tip
2011-01-31 20:55:01
Yea, russian forums in this game are great ! :-D

well i'm not talking about ingame forums. i hope you know the top team: Supern0va.. well even if i'm not oficially in their team, i am a part of their own forum(different site)

PS i saw that i'm not alone in gpro from Moldova, this is good :)
2011-01-31 22:37:05
Yes, I know. Supernova isn`t one team, they have great other teams(Blue,Red,Black Supernova, Max. Overdrive etc.) These teams have the best programs and datas in this game.
End of season 23 :-) Reset on 8.02

I was promoted to Master :-)
Today is reset, great moment for create account :-)
Today is race, first in new season :-)
New season, any volunteers ?
2011-04-22 19:56:06
volunteers for what?

Im in Rookie-199.
Gonna win it this season.
2011-04-23 04:12:31
group Rookie - 159
2011-04-23 13:56:05
for new players :-)
2015-01-11 16:59:18
Recently I discovered and joined GPRO, and until the moment it ¡s not dissapointing me at all.

Does anyone continue playing? Since I just have seen a thead existed (yet it seems inactive since some time), I'd like to know if some other managers around here are racing there too.
2019-11-14 15:48:37

Never too late
2019-11-14 15:50:39
+1 I recently joined too, just to beat jaime