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Subject: GPRO - Grand Prix Racing Online

2011-01-28 18:31:03
in what group you are?! i'm in 68(rookie)
2011-01-28 18:35:44
when someone will promote to amateur level, should create a team( for sokker users)...
2011-01-28 18:39:31
Group: Rookie - 43

2011-01-28 19:06:36
Message deleted

what kind of driver skill is the most important ?

i want to give training to my driver
2011-01-28 19:25:00
remember that training is quite expensive, plus read the faq and the guide... before you take any decisions
Concentration: smaller mistakes
Talent: Good pace in rain
Aggressiveness: more chance to overtake
Technical insight: smaller wear of part
Stamina: give much to racing pace
Charisma: Sponsors

On start Concentration is most important skill. If you have >200 concentration and your driver is young and cheap you can train stamina(2pkt for fitness training, 5 pkt(on low skills) for testing).

A very general outline

I create list of sokker players in first post.
2011-01-28 19:38:56

i will read rules after race :)
You must drive qualification if you can start in race :-(

ok . thanks :)
2011-01-28 19:43:02
yeah, so the race that starts int 17 minutes it will be without my racer?! (as i got my account to late to qualify)
2011-01-28 19:45:42
Yes, qualify is end after 18.30 CET.
2011-01-29 11:20:29
I got some Japanese dude as a driver, he has 64 concentration and 214 talent. Should i keep him or should i find a better one?
2011-01-29 11:21:21
find a better one...
2011-01-29 12:25:01
Okey, ill try.

But what am i supposed to do now for 3 days when there is no racing? I cant find anything to do there :D
2011-01-29 12:36:26
how about qualification?! :D

sponsors?! ^^