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Subject: BBallzone basket manager

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2010-07-10 09:38:48
Teosm to All
Is there anyone that play also basketball manager games?
I play this one, very good in my opinion.
2010-07-11 09:47:31
I have played too ... but I was dissapointed about the market sistem
2010-07-11 11:11:47
Really? Most of the italians likes it, it is more similar to reality than in most of the managerial games, but yes, i agree with you that for someone used to a different system it can be difficult to adapt to the one used on bbz
2010-08-13 22:29:53
I am struggling in the new season. Avoid relegation,both in national and world league will be my only goal... but it will be difficult :(
2010-08-16 01:14:52
can we see any matchs?
2010-08-17 06:45:22
There is a live action, but no 2d live match like in sokker.
2014-01-23 20:09:46
Hello, I just started and I liked it, we are translating it to Spanish and I hope they start playing more Spanish managers

2014-01-26 11:55:16
How can we dance when our earth is turning
2016-11-23 20:09:36
up, its interesting basket game
2017-01-04 14:43:52
Does it have a future?, or is it going to collapse like most games nowadays?.
2017-01-09 20:30:47
The game has 59 seasons and in all the new seasons there are updates
2017-01-11 02:52:16
Message deleted

2017-01-11 02:52:49
Message deleted

2017-01-15 22:56:09
I don't know who erased my post. I just wanted to say that this Basketball browser game "Buzzerbeater" is one of the best basketball simulator :)
2017-01-19 03:35:18
I like bballzone. The first season is super easy and I just found a good player by scouting.
2017-01-19 17:47:46
this game is great but not same as buzzerbeater
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