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Subject: Music

2006-03-07 16:35:07
i think so...but i'm not sure
2006-03-07 17:01:40
Limp Bizkit - The story
2006-03-07 17:02:22
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
2006-03-07 17:02:25
Ramones - The KKK Took My Baby Away
2006-03-07 17:23:37
Vestlandsfanden - God som gull
2006-03-07 17:26:34
Are you being nationalistic? :P

Glittertind - Se Norges blomsterdal
2006-03-07 17:28:49
Scooter is the best band :p
2006-03-07 17:36:40
You don't even know what God som gull is about.. You probably don't even know what Livets glade gutter or Plommer i Hardanger is about, you culture barbarian! :P

I like my country, is that so wrong?

Besides, if I'm in the nationalistic mood, I put on Unit Five - Nordlending

"Æ e Norlænning æ, korsn e de me dæ, e du fostra opp på kokfesk slik såm mæ?
E du syndi' å kainn spøtt, like du aillt som e sprøtt, når du e sint, kan du behærsk dæ sånn som mæ?"
2006-03-07 18:13:22
haha yeah, it's catalan, but you can't say this is bad music!
2006-03-07 18:23:30
i liked it...i understand little spanish so i was curious about the language
2006-03-07 19:06:52
Scorpions - Hurricane 2000
2006-03-07 19:12:27
Dirtyhouse3 mixed by Timo S.


Really good song.
2006-03-07 22:02:05
Linkin Park-Crawling
2006-03-07 23:37:16
Kaizers Orchestra - Bris

Anyone heard of Kaizers? They tour a lot to Germany and Benelux, and they have wicked stage shows.. :)
2006-03-07 23:39:21
Rata Blanca-Caballo Salvaje

if you dont know this gruop, you should ;)
Rata Blanca is the best Argentina could give to the world.
2006-03-07 23:49:26
System of a Down - Dreaming

very good song... like every song of SoaD :)