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Subject: »Funny Things

2018-10-28 19:26:59
If this would be in my place, I would probably step in dog shit a couple of times each week :/

At least we keep 1 part free for walking ........ strange design!

2018-10-28 19:29:11
Or make it 3d, to scare off drivers :/

Yes, it really exist.
2018-10-29 13:46:57
In my ex hometown many places look like this

if you search for´s there, where the dogs piss and shit ^^

2018-10-29 22:29:47
Oh nice :/
2018-10-30 22:44:17
Message deleted

2018-10-31 00:33:53
2018-11-12 18:16:33
2018-11-12 20:55:21
2018-11-21 19:09:29
2018-11-21 22:27:17
Hahahaha, The kids wondering how they must know how to put the meat pieces under the label :-p
2018-11-22 13:15:20
lol, ikea meat
2018-11-23 17:01:54
2018-12-12 09:30:16

2018-12-27 18:32:59
Mitroglou (striker) in a football game last Saturday. The yellow dots are his ball touches. The center one is the kick off.
He played 45+ minutes.

2018-12-27 20:24:31
He's a centre circle striker! Did you train him personally? :-p
2018-12-27 20:38:14
He was on strike :)