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2018-10-01 20:15:48
2018-12-16 18:00:56
2018-12-16 20:39:07
2018-12-23 10:52:42
I don't know who he is, tried to watch a video of him but no .. it's all over de place :/ getting really tired of this dude. And he is on top of Narcissism, with many others of these youtubers, if you ask me.
2018-12-24 08:22:01
i don't watch him also ;)
But there is some kind of youtube wars :
pewdiepie (a traditional content creator (one person) has the most subscribers £
but a big company (T-series) is trying to get that number 1 spot ;)
2018-12-24 17:58:46
Didn't look at the numbers ...... 78 MILLION .................. how the piep can those people watch his videos?? Or is this something 'when I am a follower of PEWDIEPIE I am also hot' that I don't understand?

A person from my work told me a famous person talked to him, Kiki Bertens. What actually happened was that a comment was posted. Maybe it is something like that, something I don't understand either :/
2018-12-27 11:15:07
He is since 2013 the most subscribe youtube channel.
I understand that little kids like his way of playing games and for indiegamemakers is a great way of advertisment ;)

It's cool if a youtube creator interacts with his followers. (and he is maybe a great fan)
I'm also happy when some creators react to your questions , joke , ... (they don't have to be the most famous ones ) ;)
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2019-04-14 14:21:56
Boring media nonsense to cause hate, like everything you postet the last 10 years :p
2019-04-14 17:21:14
Tin foil head, here is a topic you can use to post your nonsense about 'media':

2019-04-14 18:28:29
baby distracted by woman ahahahah

2019-04-21 18:00:12
2019-04-21 19:01:57