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Subject: Sokker Test Version - Bugs/Problems

2013-04-04 13:22:00
Morsey [del] to All
Please report any problems or bugs you experience within the Sokker test version in this thread (in accordance to the latest news publication).

2013-04-04 18:02:20
where have my player faces gone? or is that my internet connection??
2013-04-04 20:38:05
I can not see anyone game even though I have plus
nor my own games
2013-04-05 13:19:18
i noticed that you have to be logged in both sites to play matches
if you're logged only in test site it asks for plus
2013-04-05 16:14:49
Tactical editor is still unusable (eg. all positions are messed up) from smartphone and tablet.
2013-04-05 19:13:51
Button "Top" should be centered.
2013-04-05 19:56:00
Sending mails opens a new window here. Don't know whether bug or feature ;)
2013-04-06 13:44:44
- The links to the menus appear unnecesarily replicated in a strange bar at the bottom.

- In the "Classic" skin, the background color appears white, which makes an horrible, not eye friendly effect. I guess could be easily turned grey again.
2013-04-07 12:27:35
Footer should stay at the bottom of each page - but on some pages (finance) footer sticks to the content and it's very high becouse of that.

Footer also shouldn't be so wide, should stay out of sidebars.
2013-04-07 12:27:42
Message deleted

2013-04-07 12:27:49
Message deleted

2013-04-08 18:31:52
2013-04-14 13:52:55
When i place a bid on a player much larger than the previous bid,
and the question pops up asking to confirm the bid price,
the accept button does not work.
(on Opera Mobile)
2013-04-20 10:42:54
Advertise cover so much important things...... (eg. I cannot expand stadium)
2013-04-20 11:00:12
except that is now the official version, You are killing the game, the non plus users need a quick answer., to continu to play sokker with pub
2013-04-20 11:19:38
many bugs, dont' know by what begin